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Sweater - Oak+Fort
Shirt - Boutique
Pant - Aritzia
Boot - Acne Studio
Bag - Mackage
Necklace - Oak+Fort
Rings - Boutique, H&M, Tiffany, Bulgari
Sunglass - Vintage
Sometimes I love me some comfy clothes, forget about those tight jeans and just wear some baggy pants! We all know that baggy clothes tend to make you look a little bit manly, the easiest way to avoid that is to throw on some tall boots. It instantly elevates your look and makes it more chic. But if you are already really tall and you don't really wanna wear heels, you can just wear some smart-looking flats, like an oxford shoes or a nice pair of loafers. Although I went baggy from head to toe, but the look is still polished because of little details, like the white striped button up underneath the sweater, the long necklace, tons of delicate rings, and a cute purse. It's the little detail that makes your outfit from street to chic.

Stay chic,


  1. I just discovered you via instagram and I am so glad. Your style is impeccable, I must say! x

    Enclothed Cognition

  2. Cool! Love the necklace!

    1. I love your style and your blog! I want to get these booties too but am unsure about sizing..I have a pair of pistols and I sized down with them (I'm a 6.5 but got 6) would you suggest I do the same with these? Can you also please tell me where you purchased them from? I'm from Toronto too and want to avoid duties! Thank you and I'm sorry for all the questions!

    2. I bought them straight from their official website! No taxes for Canada, only shipping fee! Yeah! For the sizes, I suggest u size down with ur normal size cuz I am usually 7.5 (38), it's a bit loose on me!


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