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New Bag Reveal

The new addition to my bag collection: this black J.W. Anderson logo bag. I know I have way too many black bags, but I couldn't resist this one. I love that the J.W. initial are neatly arranged in the bag to resemble an anchor and gives it a sleek touch. It is a simple everyday bag that goes perfectly with my wardrobe.

I got this bag from Reebonz.  Reebonz is my go-to for designer pieces. They have over 500 designer brands for luxury handbags, shoes, accessories, small leather goods and apparels, both new and pre-owned pieces. Reebonz guarantees that all items sold are 100% authentic. The shipping is super fast and they have new stock almost daily. 

Now the exciting part, Reebonz is celebrating their 8th birthday with some crazy markdowns. You can shop at to receive CAD30 off your first order. And use my code "18CHER" to get 18% off your order until April 15, 2017-11:59 (PST). Give yourself a little treat at Reebonz! Happy shopping!

Stay chic,

This blog post was sponsored by Reebonz, but all the opinions are my own.


  1. It's such a sleek look and will suit your aesthetic perfectly. Can't wait to be charmed by many pictures of your new addition on ig :)

    Adrianna x

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  3. Hi Cher, just wondering did you need to pay any import fees when delivered to you? I am always worried about the extra fees when receive from Reebonz. Thank you.


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