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Spring Essentials

It's no secret that I am an accessory girl, shoes and bags are my weakness, I mean who isn't. Now spring is right around the corner, I am ready for some new bags and shoes. Circular bags are all the rage right now. This white one from Pedro is no exception. I love the double top handles and removable shoulder straps. On top of that, it is very spacious, this bag can pack a lot! 

Top handle flap bag is such a classic. This one from Pedro is perfect for work, corporate event and travel. I love the metallic closure and sleek silhouette. 

Now it's time to plan your spring wardrobe. Don't worry, Pedro got you covered! I am very lucky to be the test driver of Pedro latest Spring collection. They got tons of stunning bags and shoes - the perfect balance of streetstyle and femininity. So friends, get ready for spring!

Stay chic,

This blog post was sponsored by Pedro, but all the opinions are my own.


  1. Love these two BAGS!

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