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Living Room Update - Eternity Modern Review


With the turn of the season, it's time to refresh the home with chic and cozy updates that'll make my family and all of my guests feel warm and welcome. So I decided to partner again with Eternity Modern and ordered the iconic Camaleonda sofa!

My number one must-have for the living room was the perfect couch. I wanted something that was really deep and wide, filled the space, and something that was comfy enough for everyone to relax on. As much as I wanted everything to be white, i know that it might not be smartest choice in decor especially with a toddler. So instead, i went with this beige Mario Bellini Sofa from Eternity Modern. There are many fabrics available at EM, I chose the classic suede.

To finish out the living room, i added this Flag Halyard Chair. It's perfect for extra seating when we entertain, and Jade loves to read her books there. It's such a great and comfortable space for all of us to hang out in.

Most pieces at Eternity Modern are custom-made. It usually takes three months to receive a made-to-order sofa. I ordered this sofa in April and received it in May. Eternity Modern ensures they manufacture ethically and uses high-quality material. In addition, the team at EM was really nice, and it was easy to track my order.

Established in 2005, Vancouver-based EM shares a significant passion for midcentury modern furniture. Focusing on first-rate quality and craftsmanship, the furniture company cherished iconic midcentury design and reproduces timeless pieces. I really recommend EM for those who like iconic mid-century furniture pieces. if the original version is not in your budget, EM is a great alternative as their reproductions are very similar to the originals, and they don't compromise on the quality and comfort.

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