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CHANEL Spring/Summer 2018 Collection

This time CHANEL brings us to Naples for the new Spring/Summer 2018 collection - Neapolis: New City. As the city of her birth, Lucia Pica, CHANEL's Global Creative Makeup and Color Designer, has a special connection to Naples and its merger of contemporary and traditional lifestyle. I absolutely love all the Mediterranean tones and shades in this collection.

For the lips, there will be three versions of the new POUDRE A LEVRES. A tinted lip powder inspired by frescoes of Pompeii. This duo has a lip balm and powder which creates a "just kissed" stain. It is my favourite product so far because it is a such well-rounded product. It can be used on the cheeks, eyes, and lips. Available in three shades: Rosso Pompeiano (a bright poppy), Rosso Parthenope (an intense red), and Rosa Tempera (a soft pink).

"All the elements of Naples are in here," says Lucia Pica. This new Chanel Les 9 Ombre eye palette is definitely the centerpiece of this collection - the most generous CHANEL eyeshadow compact to date.

A playful palette features warm earthy tone alongside bold, faded green. There are three each of matte, satin and high-shine shades, all beautifully soft and buildable, so you can wear a subtle wash of color or create a more intense look.

These four ROUGE COCO GLOSS are so fun to play with. Are you seeing the blue shade? ROUGE COCO GLOSS in Aphrodite, a watery blue. It gives a transparent finish, looking different in everyone depending on your natural lip color. It can also be applied over a bright shade of lipstick to create a new, muted color.

This new collection creates a unique palette of colors to channel Naples' playfulness and creativity. It will be available as of January 5, 2018 in all CHANEL beauty counters.

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  1. This collection is so pretty!

  2. Love all these colors!!!

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