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Two Winter Coats that Everyone Needs This Season

Today we are back with my two recent winter looks to share with you. Teddy coat is a must have this winter. We love the throwback vibes all season long! This long shag coat will keep you snug and stylish throughout the winter. I LOVE the fluffy texture and the whole 70's vibe. You can wear it with your jeans or spice it up with a slip dress. 

Puffer jacket is definitely making a comeback this year. This stripped one is like no other. I am obsessed the voluminous shape and the sporty stripe accent. It instantly adds a cool and vintage touch to any outfit. Now you can cozy up in winter's warmest puffers.

Now the exciting part, FWRD is having their SALE ON SALE! Use code "TREAT4U" to get extra 20% off all sale items. The FRAME denim I am wearing is now on sale for extra 20% off. Enjoy this limited offer for the next three days! Hurry before they are gone!


  1. You look amazing in both jackets!


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