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CHANEL FW19 The Beat Goes On

This season, the Grand Palais was transformed into a peaceful mountain village with a street and snow-topped chalets. We walked into a winter wonderland! The show began with a series of check and houndstooth looks. In between, there was a range of bright looks in the form of hot pink, turquoise, orange red, and purple. The pieces ranged from soft knit pullovers to down coats and tweed jackets. The show then ended with a series of all white angelic looks. Karl never let us down with Chanel. I wanted to wear every piece I saw coming down the runway. It was nothing short of incredible, as always. 

There were a lot of emotional moments for the models and guests as they paid their tribute. The finale, David Bowies Heroes played (the same song that closed Lagerfelds final collection for Fendi in Milan)everyone was crying, laughing, and smiling. It was an emotional farewell to Lagerfelds unforgettable legacy both at Chanel, and in fashion. I am so grateful I got to experience Karl Lagerfelds last collection. Chanel was one of the first few houses I closely studied and followed as a young girl. Farewell, Mr Lagerfeld...Your legacy will remain and thank you for inspiring all of us!

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